“Everyone Loves Gnocchi!”

-Michele Luliano

Gnoccheria by Luzzo’s is the latest venture from Anisa Moloney featuring the culinary creations of her fiancé Executive Chef Michele Iuliano. Gnoccheria is sure to be another hit within the Luzzo’s collection of restaurants. In a departure from the other restaurants owned by Mr. Iuliano, Ms. Moloney, or the two together, many of which focus on or feature Michele Iuliano’s Neapolitan style of pizza, Gnoccheria is solely driven by a passion for all things Gnocchi.


Having already mastered the fine art of the perfect pizza dough the next logical step for Michele was to master the art of perfect gnocchi. Every style of gnocchi served at Gnoccheria is inspired by Michele’s upbringing and home cooking, and is freshly made by hand every day. From the spinach gnocchi to the amazing stuffed gnocchi all of the dishes are prepared with tremendous variety, taste, and love.


So if you are hungry for an unbelievable home cooked meal, head over to Gnoccheria by Luzzo’s. New York City’s first and only restaurant dedicated to the art of homemade gnocchi!! Delizioso!



Luzzo’s Family of Restaurants


Since working in his first restaurant Luzzo’s La Pizza Napoletana back in 2004, Michele has received many awards and accolades. With the success of Luzzo’s, Michele opened several other restaurants in New York - Ovest Pizzoteca located in Chelsea opened in 2010 and then DaMikele in Tribeca in 2011. Michele’s fiancé, Anisa Moloney, an experienced restaurateur in her own right, has proudly opened Gnoccheria to feature Michele’s work and to join the Luzzo’s Family of Restaurants in 2016.